Sunday, May 17, 2009


Not to still the thunder from my previous great post I wrote today about my parents, I just had to add another blog. I am so excited to finally have resolution with a certain computer service company. A week ago, the escalation team, decided that it was time to replace my laptop. After almost 5 months of having 8 motherboards replaced, sent out to their work depot twice and returned unfixed, hours of calls with people who are very hard to understand (sometimes I forgot that raising my voice loudly doesn't help them understand English any better)and being sent from one person to another, finally paid off. I am very happy with my new computer and am glad to have won this battle! This computer has VISTA and I am currently finishing up a VISTA class at school - nice to already know how to use it.


Jocelyn Chappell said...

"I only need happy Dell customer" Dell Chat Technician

Anonymous said...

Thats what I was going to say, but oh well. Congratulations Brent on your new computer

Grammyzanne said...

Persistence does pay off - especially when you are in the right. (Maybe somebody was hoping attention would be diverted from a great dancing exhibition?)