Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What happens when I write code

(Click on picture to see it larger.)

I have a C++ (computer language) project that I'm working on (I'm making an Uno game). I have found that I think about it non-stop while I am doing anything else.
Then when I get to sit down and code in the features that I've been thinking about, I say to myself "What was it that I was going to do?";

(Note - in C++ the semicolon indicates the end of a line of code. When you write a sentence of text to be printed you have to enclose it in quotes. I have learned that when I write a print statement in C++ that I should do both quotes and the end semicolon then go back and fill in the sentence. It is now apparent that I have been doing too much coding this last week. See last sentence of previous paragraph.)

I came across the second comic, funnily enough, while I was waiting for my IDE (program that makes what I type turn into stuff that the computer runs) to attempt to close after it had crashed.

And I just couldn't go without sharing this third comic. I think that this happens around me much more often than I realize.