Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just another day at work

I need to take two engineering classes at City College. Because I attended a college out of state, I had to prove my California residency. So we all tried to figure out the best day and way to get me downtown. Since we have 4 people going in 4 different directions and only two working cars, transportation arrangements have often been pretty creative. I could drop Mom and Chelsea off at work, take the car to classes and then park the car at the trolley and use Dad's jury trolley pass to go downtown right near the college. Or, I could.... Dad came up with a great solution. Since he works downtown anyway, I could go with him on Friday when I don't have any classes and then walk to the college (just a few blocks from where he parks). And then, he thought after I finish at the college, maybe I'd like to go over to his work for the rest of the day. Yeh, cool! So, he had one of the men he works with, figure out a task that would be good for me to work on. So, it was pretty cool to go to work at Dad's office! And of course, fun to use a few computer skills and see what Dad does everyday. Thanks Dad!