Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giving it a TRY

I think I can do it! Jocelyn has gotten me excited about doing a beginner's triathlon. She came down Thursday after work and we went to a good running shoe store downtown. Wow, the shoes fit so great - didn't know that was possible. Mom was so excited to see me with great fitting shoes I offered to let her try them on to see how comfortable they are! I'm starting out slowly as I've been rather a couch (computer) potato for some time. So, it was with great delight to go walking in my new running shoes on Friday. I've got my training schedule, so now it's time to get moving! (Oh, I'm wanting to do a triathlon outside of Phoenix in Sept - any one else want to join me?)

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Andrew and Liz Orton said...

I think we should make this into a family event!!! I'd join!