Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Best Summer Ever!!!

This summer is going to ROCK because Jocelyn is going to live with me and my parents for a couple months! Life will be so much more exciting when she's here. ;) I don't usually like to exercise, but if she's here I might just give it a try. In anticipation of her arrival, Chelsea and I went for a jog last night and we thought about going swimming today. I might need to invest in some running shoes and socks before my next foray with running. Blisters are not fun.


Joanne said...

Whadjagonnadue? GET new shoes! But not easy with your shoe size. There is a running store here in San Diego that will probably be able to fit you or order shoes to fit you. And now to find out about a bike. Costco has a wet suit sale right now - go check it out!

Andrea said...

I got blisters Monday night too! We could be twins :) My ward went on a hike for FHE down near the dam. It used to be where a train came through, but they've pulled up the tracks and it is now a trail.

Jocelyn Chappell said...

Costco is probably selling surfing wetsuits which are very different from triathlon wet suits. It's probably better to get a used tri suit than a surfing wetsuit.

You can go to Road Runner Sports and they'll get you all set with running shoes that fit properly. Proper fit is imperitive when it comes to running. You can tell them you're a beginner and they'll help you get the right pair of shoes.

When I did cross country in high school I had a huge perma-blister on the bottoms of my feet. Now I rarely get a blister. It's all about the shoes and socks. I recommend Wright Socks.

5553 Copley Drive
San Diego, CA 92111

Here's some info about a beginners meeting on Monday:

:: Beginner’s Meeting and Triathlon 101 at B&L Bikes ::

Beginner’s Meeting and Triathlon 101 at B&L Bikes
Attention beginners! This month’s beginner’s meeting will be at B&L Bikes on Monday, May 18th at 6:00 pm. The monthly talk is specifically designed to get you started in the sport of triathlon, and our goal is to de-mystify triathlon, and remove the ‘intimidation factor.’ We will cover triathlon basics from A to Z. All questions welcome!

B&L Bike & Sport Solana Beach Location
211 N. Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Phone: (858) 481-4148

Directions from I-5:
1. Exit 5 at Lomas Sante Fe
2. Head West (towards coast) to Highway 101
3. Turn right on Coast Highway (101) and go 1/4 mile
4. B&L is on left side. Parking is available on street behind shop.
(858) 974-4455