Monday, February 2, 2009

Jeans and the Neatnik

Before Mom starts commenting on both my hair and my jeans, I thought I'd better write my own blog (LOL). The story is that my jeans used to be a little longer and did cover my socks. But, maybe they've been shrinking (LOL again) and now are too short. So, I tried to get Mom to go with me to the store but she was unavailable and I headed out shopping on my own!! Mom said she had luck getting my size of jeans at JC Penney. I had a hard time finding the store at the mall but after a phone call to mom, there it was! So, in the mens department, I locate the jeans area. They are piled up on tables. I found one pair I liked and then another, in the right size and color and style. I tried them on and thought they were plenty long to cover whatever color of sock I might be wearing, whether standing or sitting. I wanted to find another pair but the piles of jeans were so incredibly unorganized it was a mess! So, you know me, I stood there folding jeans and organizing two tables of piled up jeans! And lo and behold, I found one more pair. It took me some time to buy three pairs of jeans, but mission accomplished. Mom burst out laughing picturing me folding all the pairs of jeans and organizing them. It would have been a quicker trip if Mom had come with me!!! She knows how to pile jeans and dig through them - she's had 5 kids after all. Well, I've just been wearing one pair until they were washed after wearing and I could be sure they were the right fit (that way I could return the others if need be). Ok, Jocelyn, let's go get some socks!


Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Sounds like a fun shopping trip. You must love shopping as much as I do. (lol)

Grammyzanne said...

Some employee must have been standing in the background in awe. Hope they still fit after washing.

Your sisters are going to see that you are properly dressed yet.