Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beam Me Up Scotty - Or Not!

Since I can't just be beamed from here to there, I've been using public transportation to get back and forth to school. I've been exploring different routes and options and have had some great times. I often will ask Mom or Dad to drop me off at one of two bus stops in the am but I get much more adventuresome in the afternoon on my return trip home. I've discovered that I can miss the bus at the transit center either by 2 mins if I take the bus to Amaya and catch the trolley one exit and get off at the transit center or I can miss it by 5 mins. by just taking the bus to the transit center. Oh well. Since I had time to kill before the next bus, I just stayed on the trolley one day and took a trip out to Santee and back.

But, now I've discovered the fastest route. Get to the transit center (by either of the above methods) and then take the bus down Main or Washington (Washington is less walking), walk to Mom's work, call her to get her keys and drive home! And maybe I won't have to go back to get her because Dad will pick her up on his way home.

Maybe I'll take a cell phone picture of my travels and post it (probably about like getting my haircut picture posted)


Joanne said...

Brent, what are you doing posting in the middle of the night? Go to bed!

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That's funny. I remember having lots of fun adventures taking the train in Philadelphia.

Unknown said...

Aunt Joanne, you are so funny.

Anonymous said...

another way to shorten your trip home is to stop by at Granite and get a ride home with me (assuming I answer my cell phone)