Sunday, October 26, 2008

Feed me!

I need to eat on a regular basis. My parents can skip meals, but I can't. This can be difficult when I'm out and about especially since I don't have a purse for carrying snacks and fanny packs certainly are NOT in style.


Joanne said...

PS: I need to eat 4 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner! I know mom and dad could see a huge difference after we would finally stop to feed me at Disney World and then I became happy again with renewed energy! It takes fuel to run a machine and when the gas gauge is on empty - it just stops running!

Andrea said...

So, I know I'm behind on reading blogs and updating mine(i'll do it soon!), but I forgot that this blog is where everyone else gets to pretend to be Brent and make entries. I was thouroughly confused at first. Don't worry: I figured it out:)
p.s. I was scanning negatives and found some of Brent as a toddler--what a kid!