Saturday, October 18, 2008


The segway tour was great! I really enjoyed it a lot. I checked in before the park was even open, signed the papers and waited for everyone in the tour to arrive (probably about 10 of us). We spent an hour in the Innoventions building for orientation and training. The city segway costs $5,000, and the all terrain is several thousand more. After this training we all rode single file on out to the World Showcase. We stopped a couple of times and the tour guide told us some interesting information about the countries represented there. All the buildings were built by sponsors except for Morocco. The Prince of Morocco wanted it built a certain way and so sent his people over to build the buildings. They believe in making things not quite perfect as God is the only one who can make things perfect. Also, we learned that the buildings were built to reflect how Americans view these countries more than how the country views itself. So, it was a great hour touring around on the segway. It was easy to use! Sure wish we could have used one while visiting Disney World for the 5 days. We have had a great time visiting the different parks and riding new rides and some old rides as well. One of my favorites was Mission Space at Epcot that simulated a launch takeoff (with spinning to create G force) and going into space. Well, back to CA today!

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