Friday, September 26, 2008

Playing around

Brent really has enjoyed reading the 100 hour board from BYU. Anyone can submit a question to the board and a board writer will work hard to respond to your question within 100 hours. So he's been reading the archives and says he's been learning alot. One thing he learned about is a free playlist you can put on your computer called imeem. So, he's been copying the music from a local radio station's playlist and making up his own imeem playlist. Last night, Brent showed me (his mother) how his playlist works and I listened to it for awhile. It was great. But, though I enjoyed the music he chose, I wanted to start my own playlist with music I like. So this morning he helped me set up my own playlist. Can you guess Brent's favorite song on his playlist? Brent just suggested that I include a link for both of these sites. The 100 hour board: and IMEEM: Hope you enjoy two favorite sites of Brent.

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