Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Family

Yesterday was my birthday. It started out really great, because I got to talk to my sister, Tamara, on the phone. She was in Nashville wishing she could be in San Diego helping me celebrate in style. She's always filling her plate a little more full than she ought to (yes that doubles as a metaphor and as face value meaning). Luckily, Tamara is still a great sister.
She married a great guy a month or so ago and he's the one that picked out my birthday gift. I still don't know what it is, since it's somewhere between the warehouse and my front step. Tamara said in her card that it's reading. I'm hoping it's not about essay writing or blogging.
She meant to mention, but forgot, that she's sending one book purely for pleasure reading and one that Jack loves on spiritual progress. I'm looking forward to finding out what they are. I do love to read and it seems that Jack and I have a fair amount in common. Anyway, I had a great birthday and I'm glad that I also have a great family.


Jocelyn Chappell said...

What I really meant to say, was that my birthday was spectacular because I started the day reading the post Jocelyn left on this blog and ended talking with her on the phone. She's a great person to talk with and I can't wait until she comes to visit on Friday. She's bringing a very fun present which is quite a surprise. Maybe I'll offer to sleep on the couch so she can have my bed.

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

Hmmmmm. Very interesting.