Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I listen to the radio..."

I've discovered (through reading the 100 hour board) a website I think is pretty cool. It is and you can enter music that you like and it will find other music that is similar. Then it plays the music like a radio station (without ads). Tonight I set one up for Mom and I (Dad too, but he fell asleep - guess Mom's music is just too soothing) to listen to while Mom was reading blogs and playing online Sudoku and I was reading more archives from the 100 hour board. Do you know what Mom likes to listen to? A Norwegian group call The Secret Garden and Josh Groban.... I like to listen to music while at work (it's ok to do). I don't have a favorite group but I listen to Star 94.1 radio and select out favorite songs to put on my playlist. Maybe someday, I'll look some up and make a list of them on my blog (fat chance, huh, Mom!). PS the title of this blog is from an old Carpenter's song mom liked as a teenager.

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Jocelyn Chappell said...

So, I finally checked out Pandora. I know that I'm totally behind the times, but I'm definitely hooked. I'm enjoying actually finding music that I like. Thanks for the tip. :D