Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Peas in a Pod

I started my new semester this last Monday. I'm taking two engineering classes at City College and 2 communication classes and 2 computer classes and institute at Grossmont. Dad and I are taking Java (online class) and C++ together (it's on Monday nights).

When I got to my communications class yesterday, the teacher recognized me. I was surprised as I didn't know her! She asked if that was my dad I was walking with on campus Monday evening. I said, yes. She then told the class that while she was walking on campus on Monday she saw two students that looked definitely like a father and son walking on campus. She said she spent 5 minutes thinking while she was walking how cool that would be to take a class together with your father. So, that is why she recognized me. She then said that we are clones and asked if I had any of my mother in me! Ha.

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Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That's pretty cool that she recognized you and thought that it was neat to get to take a class with your dad. That is pretty cool.

Hope your semester goes well. You sure are busy running from one campus to another!