Sunday, October 25, 2009

Computer Language???

Dad and I have been having a great time on Monday nights taking two computer classes over at the college. One class is assembly language and the other is C++. I've really been getting into studying the book and working through problems - even ones not assigned. Dad and I discuss our questions together and enjoy sharing this together. We've even helped TA during class lab time because we both understand the material well.

This morning at breakfast (I was still pretty groggy from just being awakened), I said that I must be getting into the computer stuff pretty heavily. I woke up this morning thinking that a new phrase for a measurement of memory could be, "bit -ty baby." This might only be funny to my sisters who knew how much Chelsea loved her American Girl doll called, "bitty baby."

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Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That is pretty funny, Brent. Don't think it will catch on though. : )