Thursday, March 12, 2009


We found 3 opened large containers of cottage cheese in the refrigerator the other night. Mom got them out and we looked at all the expiration dates. I wondered (out loud!) if you mixed all three of the cartons together, could you average out the expiration date? Hmmmmmm.


Michael said...

Here's more info than you might want...that night some of us ate from the container that had the oldest date then we discarded the remainder. Tonight we mixed the other two containers and finished them off...back to the store to start over now.

Joanne said...

They weren't THAT expired! Just 2 were a few days or a week or so over the expiration date. And no one became ill (it was eat at your own risk).

Tamara Robertson Turner said...

That's pretty funny! Glad you've got tough guts and no one's sick! ...average out the expiration dates. LOL!!!